Local Group visit Rural Life Exhibition at Mid-Antrim Museum

21 November 2014

On Monday 17th November, a group visited Mid-Antrim Museum as part of their reminiscence project. This project seeks to capture ‘Women’s Memories of Farming Life in the Glens’ and is a partnership between the Northern Trust and Reminiscence Network Northern Ireland. The project is funded by the Public Health Agency.

This new exhibition by Mid-Antrim Museum at the Braid takes a nostalgic look at a way of life which vanished quickly after the Second World War.  The display is based on the late Andrew W Allen’s book ‘Farming in Co Antrim before and during the Second World War’’ which highlights traditional farming methods as well the impact of mechanisation on the local farming landscape.

The exhibition features a range of objects from the museum’s collection, relating to rural life in the 1940s and highlights how dairy farming, harvesting, ploughing and family farming have changed over the years.