Ballymena Churchyard Trails

An expanded online version of the booklet, specially designed for the 'Explore your Roots' site, provides details on unusual headstones, interesting inscriptions and prominent families buried at each churchyard.

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Explore the history and heritage of Ballymena's rural churchyards with this self-guiding tour with this Digital Trail Map or Downloadable Booklet Guide.

Pre-Reformation Trail

The Pre-Reformation Trail explores the history of some of the oldest remaining traces of built heritage in the area. It highlights sites that have been used for Christian worship from the time of St Patrick and before the formation of the Protestant faith in the early 1500s.
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Covenanter Trail

The Covenanter Trail delves into the distinctive history and associated sites of the 'Covenanters' in the local area. Covenanters were named after the National Covenant and the Solemn League and Covenant signed in Scotland in the mid 1600s.
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